Start with a logo and create an amazing brand!

A brand is defined as a specific name associated with a certain product. In terms of marketing, a brand is even more valuable. Your company’s brand should evoke positive feelings that connect with your prospective customers on a deeper level.

A brand begins with a logo but reaches much deeper. Your brand must evoke a reaction to achieve a result. Your brand speaks its own language and has a unique personality. Strengthening your brand can give you the ability to create loyalty that will help grow your business.

Your brand is literally the foundation of your company. Every interaction that a potential customer has with your business sends a message about your approachability and reliability - an indication if you will be the right "fit" for them. The first impression could be your logo, an employee, or a social media post. Think about it. What does your brand say about you? Is that depiction accurate of the message you are trying to send?

Building Your Brand

Westside Media can help you create and further develop your brand. Whether you need assistance with initial design or your logo simply needs a refresh, we will do everything to make sure you present a cohesive, concise message about your business. Your website, print materials, social media and overall image will speak for itself.

To begin, we will interview you to determine your company's personality. We will discover what makes you stand out amongst the competition, see how your customers view your business and set goals according to where you want to be positioned in your industry. This information helps us create a strategy for building a strong brand while utilizing creativity that sets you apart.

Let's Create Your Story

Years ago, Westside Media created a logo for a local cabin rental company. The custom logo needed to evoke feelings of relaxation and approachability while looking affordable to prospective clients. We chose a hammock to use as the main image and supported that with the integration of some natural elements set within an earth-tone color palette. We used professional photos in creating their website, signage, brochures and business cards and cross-marketing with other area businesses began. The owners continued to understand the importance of re-examining marketing strategies over the years and adjustments were made as necessary. The business is approaching their 10th birthday and is continuing to build success.

Contact us to see how Westside Media can help create your story?