A design foundation built on education and experience.

Only the eye of a skillfully trained artist can bring such expertise to the field of Design and Marketing. Westside Media began in 2003 after founder and CEO Stephen Patrick left an office in corporate America to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Web Development. His love for art and design was paramount in his decision to attend Judson University in Chicago. This education, combined with over a decade of field experience has given Westside Media a distinct advantage.

Our designers have the keen ability to hear an idea and craft that idea into a tangible product. Whether you need a print ad, business cards, billboard or a completely new business marketing campaign, we deliver. Our wide range of experience makes us a one stop shop for any of your design projects.

Advertising Campaigns

Reach your target audience with a well-designed and well-executed marketing campaign. From capital giving strategies for non-profits to helping your own business top a local competitor, we offer creative solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Sales Collateral

Your website looks great, but what additional materials could benefit your company by helping you achieve more interest from the public? Brochures and flyers can tell more about your services or products. Business cards with foil inlay or special shapes will leave a distinct impact. These are a just a few tools that can work hand-in-hand with your website.

Traditional Advertising

When great design is utilized and well-executed, newspaper, web or billboard ads can be an effective way to build awareness and drive traffic. Our knowledge and experience can help you explore the right place and the right time to advertise.